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    SG-930 Rotary Electric Toothbrush for Kids


    1.Gentle 16,000 strokes per minute

    2.Replaceable brush head and battery 

    3.2 batteries can last for 60days with twice of 2mins per day

    4.Waterproof IPX6

    5.Soft DuPont bristle protect children's teeth by gently polishing off surface stains

    6.Develop good brushing habits from childhood

    7.Fashionable design for children loving brushing also make brushing fun 

    9.Various cartoon patterns can be printed on the handle

    Material: ABS, TPE

    Soft Dupont Nylon bristle

    Power source: 2 X AAA batteries

    Product Size: 201X29X29mm

    Weight: 76g

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